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Inclusive and Compassionate Leadership (ICL)

ICL workshops from Be What You See


A 3-hour session, aimed at leaders and managers, which focuses on anti-discriminatory practice and the importance of creating safe spaces for critical reflection, learning and action.


The workshop aims to equip staff with the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to become inclusive and compassionate leaders.


It will explore the importance of diversity, empathy, and collaboration in fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.


Equipping staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be drivers of their organisational strategies to achieve an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace.


The intended learning outcomes are:


  • Explain the concept of anti-discriminatory practice and apply it in the context of a service delivery and workplace environment. 

  • Describe how leaders can incorporate authentic anti-discriminatory practice into their roles, becoming more inclusive and compassionate. 

  • Reflect on and describe how leaders can create safe spaces for critical reflection, learning and action.

  • Empower staff to drive forward EDI within their organisation, embedding inclusivity into everything they do.

We can deliver our training in person at any of your offices/locations in the UK.

The training is 3 hours, running in 1 day.​


​This session is aimed at leaders and managers. We can deliver this training to 10 – 15 participants.


Training can be provided to more than 15 participants, but this will incur an additional charge. 


To learn more about our pricing packages and get a quote please get in touch with us.


We can discuss how EDI Champions could also work for your organisation.

Inclusive and Compassionate Leadership (ICL) workshops from Be What You See
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