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Active Bystander Training

Active Bystander


Our training offers an introduction to Active Bystander education and theory.


The training is tailored to your sector by providing specific examples and solutions relevant to your teams' responsibilities.

The training empowers staff across your organisation to speak up and challenge discriminatory behaviours that have become normalised throughout the workplace and society. This results in a change through defining boundaries for unacceptable behaviour and reinforcing the messages opposing them.

The training explores the impact that negative attitudes, beliefs, stereotypes and all forms of microaggressions have on staff and the working environment.

Bystander intervention helps to cultivate a culture of mutual respect and accountability whilst avoiding placing responsibility on one group to intervene and report workplace incidents.


The intended learning outcomes are:

  • Understand the concept of ‘Active Bystanding’.

  • Consider the traumatic effects of bullying, harassment, and hate-based violence on both targets and bystanders. 

  • Explore the role of an Active Bystander in challenging negative attitudes and problematic behaviours in the workplace. 

  • Acquire practical skills and approaches for creating a positive and psychologically safe environment.


We can deliver our training in person at any of your offices/locations in the UK.

The training is 5 hours long running in 1 day.

We have a 2-day intensive training option where we will work with your existing report and support processes to upskill your staff. Get In Touch if you're interested in finding out more.



​We can deliver this training to a minimum of 10 and up to 15 participants.


To learn more about our pricing packages and get a quote please get in touch with us.


We can also discuss how the EDI Champions' programme could work for your organisation.

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