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Be What You See's 2nd Birthday Celebration

A massive thank you to everyone who attended and sent us best wishes for our 2nd Birthday Celebration on 23 February. We've put together highlights from the evening in this video and the blog below.

The Birthday Celebration

Catherine Millan, Founder of Be What You See, is all smiles at the BWYS 2nd Birthday Celebration in February 2024.
Catherine Millan, Founder of Be What You See, is all smiles at the BWYS 2nd Birthday Celebration in February 2024.

Catherine Millan, Founder and Company Director of Be What You See Consultancy Ltd welcomed everyone to the celebration. Catherine shared the Company's successes during the last year and celebrated the contributions of everyone who has contributed to this success.

Catherine also spoke about the Company's plans for the future and the amazing partnerships developed.

What makes our training different?

At BWYS we've developed a training model proven to have a lasting impact. Based on the 'conscious competence learning model' our training helps participants understand what they don't know and takes them to a place where they are confident to recognise and challenge discrimination.

Participants' understanding and awareness are reinforced when they share their learning with their teams which also increases the reach and impact of the training.

BWYS Clients

Over the past year, we've been able to work with a range of clients from different sectors including education, health, sport and culture.

Celebrating Success

We're proud of the number of people we have reached with our training over the last 18 months.

  • 1,766 people have received BWYS training;

  • 411 hours of training have been delivered, and;

  • 5,147 learning hours have been received by participants.

Our current training programme means that by the end of August, we will have reached nearly 200 more people.

EDI Champions share their experiences

During the evening, our EDI Champions shared their experience of completing the EDI Champions Programme.

They also spoke about the impact this has had on them and examples of how they’ve applied the training in the workplace and beyond to recognise and challenge discrimination and implement measures to improve equity, diversity and inclusion within their organisation.

This reinforced our qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the training.

‘Anti-racism training helped me understand the experiences of people from different backgrounds. It opened my eyes to the challenges they face and the microaggressions they encounter daily.’

‘After completing the programme, I actually feel I have some level of authenticity, where I felt very fraudulent before in my EDI role.’

Other BWYS training packages

During 2023/24, we have also rolled out our Active Bystander Training and developed and delivered Inclusive and Compassionate Leadership and Theory of Change workshops.

Plans for 2024/25

We have lots of exciting plans for 2024/25. It starts with the expansion of our EDI Champions Programme and the launch of our Young Person's EDI Champions Programme. Through this programme we will work with schools across Greater Manchester to increase young people's understanding and awareness in a range of EDI issues and equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be Active Bystanders.

We will also be rolling out our training to other areas including the culture, tech and property sectors.

We look forward to sharing updates with you throughout the year, and if you would like any more information about our training please contact us at

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